5 Amazing Direct Mail Designs to Grab Attention


5 Amazing Direct Mail Designs to Grab Attention

If you are planning to set up an effective direct-mail campaign, you should keep in mind the right format to stir a high level of interest in the mind of your prospect. Finding the best format, offer, budget and niche can be critical.  To save you time and money,  we have listed some popular formats to form the perfect impression.

1. Self-Mailer
Mailed just like the magazine, self-mailers are versatile and can be used for different purposes. Popular formats of self-mailers are newsletters and flyers.

2. Letter Package
It’s the most commonly used format by leading marketers to create a sense of urgency in the mind of the prospect. It consists of a brochure or letter, order form or card and an outer envelope. Including a hand written lift note can leave a big impact!

3. Postcard
The least expensive direct-mail format, postcards are similar to self-mailers but with a secondary sales copy. Prospects can read the headline to know about the offer at a glance.

4. Dimensional Mail / Lumpy Mail
With a much higher open rate, dimensional mail, as the name suggests, uses different dimensions in its format. It looks interesting and comes available at higher cost. It is widely used when the target clientele is sophisticated or falls in an executive class.

5. CD / DVD Mailers
This format is the intermediate component between the standard and dimensional mail. CD mailers include a short letter or lift note to get more personalized. They give the perfect advantage as your prospect can listen to your voice and feel more connected to your offer.