How to Write Your Mailing for The Highest Open Rate


How to Write Your Mailing for The Highest Open Rate

Your mailing campaign is finally ready to go. You have your leads, your envelopes, and you have your mailing fulfillment plan ready to go. But before you write your final copy, you might want to consider how to get the most from your mailing campaign by catching the eyes of your recipient. You don’t want your words to fall on deaf ears, so to speak, so how can put everything together in such a way that your recipients will actually respond to the time and effort you put in? Here are few basic steps to consider…

Address the Individual

Remember that part of the point of using a direct mailing fulfillment plan rather than just sending out emails is the fact that a paper letter comes with a personal touch. For this reason your mailing should be carefully written to reflect this idea. Always try to personalize if and when possible when you’re addressing someone. Try to avoid names like “Resident,” “Potential customer” or even “Sir/Ma’am” if possible use one or the other and try to use the names of those you’re sending too. More importantly however, reflect this in the tone of your letter. Let your words flow just like a conversation you’re having with an individual person, rather than writing as if you’re shouting from the rooftops. Instead of,

“Hey everyone, there’s going to be an exciting event this week and we went you all to come out!” consider, “Hey Mr. Doyle, there’s an exciting event going on and we’d love to personally invite you to bring out the whole family for a good time.”

Choose a Strong Subject Line/Title

The title or subject line at the top of your page should instantly catch the eye. It should tell the reader what they’re about to read but without spelling it out. It should also read short and simple, and ideally leave them curious. News headlines, for example, do this very well. They will tell a story but then end the summary with a question. Things like this that make the reader continue, even if only out of agonizing curiosity, are more likely to get your mailing read.

Keep that Content Simple, but Engaging

Finally, your content should be simple but not too simple, and certainly not boring. Try to include new information that will surprise and inform people. Write your mailing campaign in a way that entertains and fascinates people and keep them guessing what’s next. Don’t be afraid to engage in an informal tone when appropriate, and even insert a bit of human to lighten the burden of reading a bit. Overall just make sure the main body of your text is something that would get you reading, and you would want to read until the end.

End With a Call to Action

Last but not least don’t let your reader rest without a challenge of some kind. Ok that doesn’t mean you have to lay down a gauntlet, but encourage your reader to do something with what they’ve just read. This could mean urging them to take advantage of a sale while it’s still in effect, urge them to donate to a cause, invite them out to an event. Whatever the mailing campaign is a call for it should urge your readers to act just before it comes to a close.

Follow these steps and your mailing fulfillment plan will be sure to take off in no time. Remember that in marketing it’s very rarely what you say that matters, but how you say it.