Three Steps to a Better Mass Mailing


Three Steps to a Better Mass Mailing

There are many reasons to use snail mail to reach a large number of people. You can get a lot of information out to a large number of people fast. It’s also a way to get your information to your people in a warm and personal way, as well as to get your mail directly from your house to their hands so to speak. So what are you mailing? Are you sending out invitations to a big event, a newsletter, or perhaps a business mailing to advertise deals from your business? Whatever the case there are a few things you can do to make your mailing pleasing to the eye. This will catch your readers’ attention, give you professional appeal, and you’ll just be able to show how classy you are. So let’s begin…

1. Format and Font

Your format is going to be extremely important. You don’t want a bunch of run on sentances, spelling errors, or even a big bunched together paragraph no one will want to read. Spacing, grammar, text formatting tricks (knowing when to use bold, italics, underline etc.) are all going to make your mailing a lot easier on the eyes and more pleasant to be read. More than just your format, however, remember to pick a nice font

Ok sure your wedding invitation or your stores advert could read with Times New Roman, but that shows a lack of creativity and professionalism. Let’s not make it to obvious that your letter was made on MS Word. Try for a unique font you can get online, or even have someone customize one for you. It will give you that extra edge and please the eyes that read your mailing. Already you’re one step ahead of the standard competitition.

2. Design

Consider hiring a professional graphic designer if you don’t have skills on your own. You won’t want to use some standard template or a random piece of clipart for your mailing. This might be ok if you’re an amature and it’s for a personal project rather than a professional one, but it does take the fun out of it. Plus if you’re a professional and this is for business, you want a look that sticks out and is free of copyrighted imagery.

You can hire a designer to make a nice frame, template, background, or any graphics you’d want included. Your design is probably the most important thing will set you apart from everyone else, pluys everyone will love how unique, creative, and visually pleasing your mailing is. If hiring a designer seems to expensive, look online, you might be surprised at what website can offer these services pretty cheap, especially if you find a good freelancer. If that still doesn’t appeal to you and you feel like you have the talent to pull it off, design yourself. Just make it look good.

3. Paper

Last but not least the paper use is important. It’s not vital, but it’s one more thing you can do to add some class to your next big mailing. There’s nothing wrong with standard computer paper but it can be a bit boring and standard, and sometimes it just doesn’t fit what you’re sending out. You can get paper in all shapes, sizes, colors, and textures if you just look for it. You can even find paper specially for invitations or blank greeting cards. Whatever you’re sending out get some nice paper to put all that great work on and it will be the backdrop for a masterpiece.

Follow these steps and you can send out your next mailing knowing that you’ll be a head of the game, and your recipient will be receiving something of exceptional quality.